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  • Downloads in Elena Kuschnerova's Downloads Shop are commercial-quality recordings encoded into high-fidelity MP3, WMA, and M4A audio (AAC) files that can be hardly distinguished from the originals even on a good audio system. Downloads have such advantages over CDs as lower price, worldwide availability, compact storage, the ease of building a library, and of the mobile use. All these files are tagged with artist names, album titles, release years etc. No DRM system is used, files are unprotected and they can be unlimitedly copied and shared. After you buy a download you will recieve links to the track in all formats that are currently offered in this shop.

  • Digital goods in this shop are being sold directly, without intermediaries and using simplest technical solutions. This allows to keep the price very low and affordable to everyone. For a comparison, Napster offers streaming audio for the subscription price of $9.95 a month, and you can buy tracks for $0.80 per track. Napster Lite works without subscription and without streaming audio but you have to pay $0.99 per track.  Real Networks offers streaming audio for the subscription price of $9.95 a month plus $0.79 per track via their Jukebox Rhapsody, similarly to Napster. Apples' iTunes  offers  downloads for $0.99 per track, similarly to Napster Lite. Microsoft's  MSN Network sells downloads for even higher prices: $0.99, $1.98, or even $2.97. All these organizations claim to have sold great amounts of subscriptions and/or downloads to their customers in 2004.  EK downloads shop also shows very good performance since its opening in autumn 2004. And this is not a surprise: The track price is much lower here (suggest your price!), and the outstanding artistic level of Elena Kuschnerova's recordings is well known.

  • M4A audio (AAC) files are encoded with QuickTime 6 Pro at 128 kbps constant bit rate (CBR), 44 KHz, encoding quality "Best". These files have extension *.M4A. Buy M4As if you own an iPod or another portable digital player supporting M4A audio. Also you can listen to M4As on your PC or Mac. Here is the growing and probably incomplete list of software players supporting M4A: QuickTime 6, iTunes, Winamp 5, Real Player 10, foobar2000, VLC media player.

  • Most of the WMA files are two-pass variable bit rate (VBR) with the average bit rate of 128 kbps. We use WMA as a good alternative to M4A since modern WMAs sound very well, too, and  Windows Media Player is preinstalled on most PCs. Also many portable MP3 players support WMA.

  • MP3 files are 192 kbps CBR (constant bit rate) for Album tracks and 128 kbps CBR for non-Album tracks. Although the MP3 format is old and it has been superceded by the newer M4A, WMA, and other formats, we offer MP3s in this shop since many buyers still want MP3s, as follows from the results of the poll
  • This Downloads Shop accepts PayPal payments. Acceptance Mark is an Internet money-transfer utility that is especially convenient for purchases from small vendors who do not process credit cards. The advantage of using PayPal is that the bank data of the buyer are not revealed to the seller, that is, PayPal ensures security of the transaction. Using PayPal is free for the buyer, whereas the seller pays a small fee to Paypal. To buy via PayPal, it is sufficient to open a free basic Personal Account at PayPal. You can link your PayPal account with one of your credit cards or with the checking account in you bank, to transfer money to your PayPal account or to withdraw your money from PayPal. In fact, you can have a zero balance on your PayPal account for purchases of such items as CDs. After the purchase you will be asked by PayPal to transfer the needed money to your PayPal account, then this money will go to the seller, and the purchase will be completed. However for buying instant downloads you need to already have the money on your PayPal account. In this case after the purchase you will be forwarded to the downloads page where you can download the purchased items, and also you will automatically recieve an email with download links. If your PayPal account is empty, you will be forwarded to the error page instead of the downloads page, and then the shopmaster will have to send you the download links manually. Please, try to avoid this situation!

  • Free tracks are encoded, as a rule, with a lower resolution than commercial tracks. Downsampling of free tracks is mandatory given a steady growth of the bandwidth usage on this web site. It is needed to avoid the situation in which artists have to pay too much to hosting companies for providing listeners with free music. Buying commercial downloads for a low and negotiable price (as well as buing CDs) gives you a better listening experience as well as the satisfaction from your support of art and artists. 

  • Please, take part in the non-obligatory poll below that aims at finding out most appropriate price, download format, and payment method for Elena Kuschnerova's downloads shop. What is a fair price for an average download? Do you prefer lossy or lossless formats? Is PayPal good for you for making payments? You can vote for the available statements or submit your own choice at the top of the poll, for instance: "0.39$", "0.99€" to suggest the price, "MP3", "M4A (AAC)", "Apple Lossless", "Monkey's Audio" for your favorite format, "PayPal", "Credit card", "Amazon honor system" for your preferred payment method. You can even enter negative statements explaining why you don't buy downloads, for instance "Music should be free", "Internet transactions are insecure", "Have no money", etc.
Elena Kuschnerova downloads poll
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Statements Check Votes
MP4 (AAC) 240
FLAC 240
MP3 235
0.39$ 56
Artists don't need money 56
Apple Lossless 56
0.59$ 56
OGG Vorbis 56
Membership 56
0.49$ 56
Downloads are not commercial products 56
PayPal 56
Amazon honor system 56
I buy only pop 56
Monkey's Audio 56
128 kbps 56
100 kbps 56
160 kbps 56
WMA 56
0.69 56
VISA credit card 56
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Total: 62871
Price, download format, and paying method can be adjusted to your needs and capabilities. Please, make your statements!
Comments from the webmaster:   I would like to thank the numerous classics fans who purchased digital products in this shop. I sincerely hope that you all have enjoyed this music and that your finances had not suffered much.

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